Luchino, the value of tradition with a sense of innovation

It began in Modica, city of chocolate and now recognised World Heritage Site, the story of this young and dinamic company which has been able to combine tradition and innovation at the same time.

In his laboratory Gianluca Rizza as “Luchino” plays and experiments with the raw material, the Peruvian organic cocoa, to create a unique home-made chocolate as nowhere else in the world.

Passion, perseverance and quality make Luchino a company which looks towards future growth and always paying careful attention to the quality of the products and satisfaction of its clients.


The cold work process gives to the Modica chocolate its particular granular consistency.


Luchino’s chocolate is born from the selection of high quality, controlled and certified ingredients.


Every handmade product is different from the other, has its own history and sensory path.


BIO raw materials come from controlled crop systems without using pesticides and chemicals.

About us

Io ho avuto modo di gustare le vs cioccolata ho notato subito che è un prodotto di ottima qualità come pochi complimenti e andate sempre avanti con la qualità alla fine ripaga sempre

Massimo Barone


Mia nipote (poco meno di due anni) odia i dolci, ma non appena ha assaggiato le mandorle ricoperte di cioccolato, non riusciva a toglierle dalla bocca! Un autentica bontà

Simona Castelli


Top!! Qualità e professionalità al servizio del cliente. Altamente Consigliato!!

Mattia Bernardo


Il meglio, adoro il fondente di modica biologico 90%; l'unico che riesco a mangiare!!

Patrizia Righi


Chocolate of Modica

It was around 1500, that chocolate appeared in Europe by the hands of the Spaniards, who, following their travels in the new world, have the opportunity to savor the xocoatl, the black and very low drink made of cocoa, water and spices, used by the Mesoamerican population (as invece di what) a divine drink. It was always at the hands of the Spaniards ( io direi.. It was still by the Spaniards) that chocolate was introduced to the.. came to the flourishing Count of Modica where, a distance of centuries, chocolate is still produced according to the ancient cold work.